Thursday, April 9, 2009

Greetings Long Lost Friends!

Yes, I do realize it has been a year since I last wrote on here. Many adventures have been had and many more miles logged. I have been in a jaded and disconnected relationship with the internet and have been trying to stay off it. This may not change in the future, but I think I should let you all know that I am still alive and moving. A lot has changed since I last wrote.

A Short synopsis of my adventures is as such:
- Upon arriving home to Hinton, Alberta, I met some German girls and and after 2 weeks, the 3 of us departed on a journey to Alaska in the late fall.
- While in Alaska some events compounded each other and we 3 had a falling out and I was left in Fairbanks, Alaska.
- I stuck out my thumb once again and left as the snow began to fall, making my way south, back to Whitehorse, Yukon, and Dawson City, where i spent a few weeks.
- The Ferry from Skagway, Alaska took me back to Prince Rupert, BC and a long bus ride dropped me in Vancouver, BC.
- From there I hitched up to Whistler, BC. I found a small cabin in the woods there, got a job, and lived rent free for 7 months, until April 23, 2008.
- I made a marathon dash from Whistler to Hinton in 17 hours (1 Full day) to make it home for my 20th birthday and departed soon after on May 1st bound for Nelson.
- I started working on Organic farms here and had an interesting experience with a group called the 12 tribes. interesting people. Nelson is a beautiful place.
- From Nelson i went back to Whistler, met my Brother, Geoff, and we took off to the Juan de Fuca and West coast Trails for 2 weeks of hiking 170 KM.
- After the Trails we met another Organic farm called Medicine farm near Ucluelet, BC and i stayed with them for 2 and half months. Here I met a beautiful woman named Serena, who is becoming a constant presence in my mind.
- After the farm, i took the ferry to Prince Rupert again and then to Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off the BC coast for just over 2 months of Chanterelle Mushroom picking in amazing second growth forests. Once again running into Serena.
- Back to vanouver island briefly via Nelson and victoria, to the farm before returning to vancouver to meet Serena.
- She drove me to Manning park to meet my Brother and I hitched the rest of the way to Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Here I am now. This winter i got a job at a rock climbing gym, and have been working and living for the last 6 months. I am almost ready to go again. in 11 days i pack up another bike and head to Vancouver, The Island, several festivals and all kinds of adventures.
The reasons for coming to Alberta and leaving the woman I love in BC are many. Among them was the opportunity to see my mom once again, having not seen her or my sisters much in the last few years. Also, I attended a meditation course during the new year called Vipassana, and it has been a truly life changing experience. My life is balanced and full of LOVE! Upon getting the job as a rock climbing instructor, I was "volun-told" that i would be working a 10 week kids camp for rock climbing, which just ended this week. I had the opportunity to work with tons of little ones from the ages of 5-15, teaching them to rock climb, as well as getting a lot of hours in on the rock wall. I am looking forward to a summer of bouldering about in BC. Good times ahead.
So, the climbing courses finished, I am now gearing up to leave again. The bicycle has been calling me ever since I left it. I still remember the glorious freedom of the road, and look forward to sharing it with someone I love. I will email again sometime soon, after I leave with some adventures. When i am on the internet, I frequent Facebook more than anything, so look for me there.
Blessings of Freedom, Peace, Love and eternal Bliss to you all. talk to you soon
Steve Fox